Civil protection
in the digital age


What distinguishes us at Re / CIPS is the adaptability and linkage of our technological solutions, which is why we present the Internal Program of Virtual Civil Protection or PIPC / V. This is a technological tool that allows to disseminate and publicize the civil protection protocols of each building, in a visual way through means such as computers, tablets and / or mobile, in the event of a disturbing phenomenon.

The application offers information, useful solutions and benefits such as:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Full control of information.
  • Adaptability to any type of property
  • Accessibility and full linking.
  • Guide expeditiously and accurately to fire departments, civil defense and rescue units.
  • Contribute information to the risk atlas of the area.



Some of the tools included in PIPC / V will help you have a better civil protection and resiliency plan in your company.

  • 3D models of the structure of your building.
  • Geotechnical zone, area and building surface of the building.
  • Process and build system.
  • Type of foundation.
  • Learn about fire equipment maintenance dates.
  • Civil protection information.
  • Identify brigadistas in case of major contingency.
  • Vital and strategic services.
  • Location of evacuation routes, fire extinguishers, meeting points, etc.


Internal Program of Virtual Civil Protection

PIPC / V is the ideal medium to disseminate accurate information to the groups organized in each building thanks to its versatile technology

  • HTML5 programming
  • Connected to map service.
  • Compatible with mobile devices