Preventing the Unexpected


There are several reasons why large-scale life-threatening events can occur. Resilience & Citizen Protection Solutions (Re / CIPS) emerges as a state-of-the-art option to respond effectively to the unexpected by offering diverse civil protection solutions.


We have different models of signage that are easy to understand, adaptable to your furniture, and will preserve the aesthetics of the building to effectively respond to a disaster.


We offer production in animation content in order to create and promote a culture of prevention, and facilitate the understanding of the elements of a civil protection plan, such as evacuation routes, trained personnel and areas of lower risk during a disaster.

Internal Program of Civil Protection

Thanks to our years of experience, multidisciplinary professionals and specialists in civil protection and resilience we have developed an Internal Civil Protection Program or PIPC. This is a program that perfectly covers the areas of prevention, relief and recovery present in any internal civil protection program, with the distinction of offering a training path for brigadistas.

Atlas of risk

We developed risk atlases to provide information, maps and geographic systems on hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis at various scales, ranging from municipal to state.
Through these atlases of risk, it will be possible to simulate disaster scenarios and issue recommendations for timely decision-making and effective prevention measures